Uploading Photos

Uploading a Photo is accomplished thru the use of this form. By filling in the variables, you are telling PhotoPost which photo you wish to upload and information about the photo.

Choose a cateogry - select the most appropriate place for your photo using the drop down list of available categories.

Photo to upload - using the Browser button, select the file on your system you wish to upload (be sure that the file does not exceed size limitations)

Disk space remaining for your account - This tells you how much disk space you have left for uploads

Enter a title for the photo - This is a short description of the photo

Keywords - enter up to 10 descriptive terms people can use to search for your image

Description - This area provides for a more detailed description of the photo

Want to be notified by email when users post replies? Check this box if you would like an email whenever someone posts a comment to your photo.

If the webmaster has enabled ZIP or multimedia uploads, you will be able to upload additional file types.

Supported image types include: JPG, GIF and PNG.
Support multimedia type (if enabled): MPG, AVI, ASF, WMF, MOV