Admin Skip during Upload

Administrators can FTP files directory into their Uploads directory and then have PhotoPost process those files. This is especially useful when an Administrator wants to upload many files (typically more than the 2MB limit for a ZIP upload).

The first step is to FTP the files to your upload directory. This is listed under the first line "Files should already be in:". Upload all your files into the directory listed here and then check the box to the right (this says to skip the upload process and just process the images in your directory).

Show thumbnails during processing? If you want to see a thumbnail of each image, leave the selection at YES. If you are process a large amount of files and do not want to take the extra time to see the thumbnails, select NO.

Number of thumbnails to process next? This option tells the upload system how many files you wish to process at a time (this can be changed during processing, too). The default is 10, which will show you 10 files at a time and let you change the category or title for each individual image.